True Monovin. A. Vitamina For Rapid Growth Hairs

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Product description

Fever to use Monovin The contaminates women in search of growth of hair and even nails to strengthen them as well. Its effectiveness is almost unanimous for those who used it, but you know how to properly use? If not, I will teach here!
Using Monovin hair
In the hair you can always use when washing using shampoo pump or hydration.
How to use with shampoo
A Monovin vial contains 20ml, and a measure to use is to mix 1ml each shampoo 150ml without salt. It is important that the shampoo have this characteristic because the presence of salt oxidizing vitamin A and thus not achieve the desired effect.
How to Shampoo:
In a 300ml bottle of shampoo without salt Add 2ml of the Monovin
With shampoo ready and prepared, use 2 to 3 times a week for three months.
Using hydration
Called pump hydration, hydration with Monovin A is made as follows:
3 Spoons of moisturizing cream
2 sugar spoons
5 drops of Monovin The
Mix all ingredients and apply on hair. Let stand for 20 to 30 minutes in the hair with thermal cap. Do once a month and if necessary weekly.
Using the nail Monovin
If your nail is brittle, and does not grow dry, vitamin A will make it grow faster, stronger and healthier. But how can you use?
Glass enamel
Set aside a glass and wash thoroughly with swab inside and plenty of soap. Leave no trace of enamel or product inside. Repeat the process with the brush.
Place 6 ml Monovin within the enamel bottle.
Swipe glaze the product at all nails and only wash their hands when the product dry completely. No worries, it takes very much.
Using Monovin as moisturizing glove Separate the sleeve from those used by doctors and nurses and washed inside and out.
Apply 1 ml in each finger of the glove
Place the glove in hand and let the product act for 1 hour





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